MCP Games
A fast paced game of Football with all the cheering, cussing and high fives of a real game,
but without all the keyboard pounding!

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screen shot 5
screen shot 1
Main game screen.
Start up screen.
screen shot 3
screen shot 4
Energy level screen.
Option screen.
-Ultra fast start up, three clicks and your playing!
-Easy to use interface, Pass, Run, Punt, Field Goal attempts, extra points and two point conversions all with a few clicks.
-Time managment, kneel, spike the ball, or run out of bounds.
-All the game info, all the time, on a full featured scoreboard.
-"No wait" Play clock, you'll know of a Delay of Game penalty by the AI in the first three seconds.
-Real time game stats in fourteen categories.*
-Check the energy level of your Receivers, Running backs, Offensive and Defensive lines as well as your Quarterback.*
-Pick from six different quarter lengths, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 10:00, 15:00 and the lengthy 30:00.*
-Choose your own team color and give them a name.*
-Special plays like, Long Bomb, and Quarterback Sneek.
-Blitz the run or the pass, or choose a sack atttempt.
-Three difficulty levels*
-Arcade style scoring included just for the fun of it.*
-"Ice" the kicker by calling a time out before he kicks.
-Behind in points? Try an Onside Kick.
-Save or load a game at any point.*

* are features included in a regestered copy only.

Click Footbal Commercial 1
Windows AVI ( 16.4 Mb ) beefy but cool.
Real Player ( 829 Kb ) Real Player ( 165 Kb )
Win Media( 578 Kb ) Win Media ( 121 Kb )
Quick Time ( 913 Kb )
Click Footbal Commercial 2
Windows AVI ( 17.6 Mb ) beefy but cool.
Real Player ( 830 Kb ) Real Player ( 164 Kb )
Win Media( 605 Kb ) Win Media ( 119 Kb )
Quick Time ( 1 Mb )

For you dial up folks, the quality is poor, but that's what happens

when you compress a 56Mb file down to just 121 Kb.

We're no longer taking Beta Tester apps for Clickfootball 1.

Thanks to everyone that spent hours playing football.

Clickfootball 2 Beta testing will start in May. Make sure you

have your correct emails to me before that.