Click Football Error list

Here is a list of the most commen errors and problems.
Not all of these errors are identical to what you'll see.

Runtime error 432

Problem: Files that Click Football needs are missing or corrupt.
Solution: Click Football must be re-installed.

Runtime error 76

Problem: Either the install program failed to properly create folders needed
by Click Football or they where removed or renamed afterwords.
Solution: Click Football must be re-installed.

Runtime error 429 ActiveX component can't create object

Problem: Either no DirectX drivers are installed, or the version is older than DirectX 7.
Solution: Latest version can be downloaded here. Direct X download
Note: this is a huge file, approx. 31 Mb! If you have a slow connection, you may wish
to find a friend who has a newer game. Often DirectX is provided on the CD.
Or order the Click Football on CD and get the newest version of DirectX with it.

Sound option disabled in menu.

Problem: Sound card error. Click Football checks your sound card and
it's drivers at start up. If the sound option in the menu is disabled then either the incorrect
drivers are installed, or the sound card is not functioning properly.
Solution: You need a sound card for this option. If you have one you'll need to make
sure it's working correctly. If it works with other programs but no Click Football
make sure you have the newest drivers and newest version of DirectX see above.

Runtime error '-2005401480(88780078)' Automation error

Problem: You either have no sound card installed, or it isn't working properly.
You should never see this error, see above problem. If it does occur it is a problem
with your sound card and not with Click Football.
Solution: Properly install sound card, see windows help.

Helmets move slow on screen.

Problem: If the game worked properly before, most likely a program is running in the
background taking up system resources. Or, a program that was closed did not free
up memory for other programs to use.
Solution: Either close the other program and re-start Click Football, or re-boot computer
and re-start Click Football.
Problem: If the "Helmets" move slow from the start, your machine may not meet the
minimum requirements to run Click Football.

Time of possession clock off

After an upgrade to the A.I. players, the Time of Possession clock

does not always read the correct time. We are presently seeking a

solution. We're sorry for the in convenience


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